Lawn Winterization

With all the seasonal changes that fall brings, many people believe that there is nothing left to do with their lawn except wait for spring to clean it up. However, autumn is a peak growing season for cool season grasses and if you have watered and fertilized properly throughout the year your lawn can look amazing this time of year. This is also the time of year to set your lawn up for next year and give your lawn a spring jumpstart.

Even after the grass plants above ground appear brown and dead, they are really just lying dormant and underneath, the roots remain active until the ground is completely frozen in November or December. Many experts believe that Fall is the optimal time to apply fertilizer, even more so than spring, with fewer weeds competing for nutrients and a root mass that can use some bulking up before winter.

There are a few steps you should take to to put your lawn to bed for the winter so that it can wake up in the spring refreshed and ready to go:

  1. Leaf Clean Up – Leaves left on the lawn will suffocate it, causing yellowing and eventually killing the grass plant completely
  2. Final Cut and Trim – Cut the lawn down to about half the height you would normally cut at. We use a 2 inch setting.
  3. Winterization Fertilizer – Applying a good dose of phosphorus will strengthen roots to fend off winter diseases and allow the lawn to wake up happy in the spring.

We can provide all of these services for you if you aren’t feeling up to it this fall. Call or email us for a quote!